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This workshop focuses on data-visualization activities, especially methods and challenges for teaching and engaging with data visualization concepts, knowledge, and practices.

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Workshops, classes, or collaborations with domain experts, often include hands-on data visualization activities that involve analog ordigital tools and materials and more or less well defined protocols. Recent years have seen the emergence of such data visualizationactivities in different contexts, including education, visualization design, activism, self-reflection, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

However, the broad range of contexts and target audiences that Data-Vis activities have been applied to makes it difficult to collectand identify commonalities and build knowledge in a systematic way.

The goals of this workshop are

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Topics and Submissions:

Research refers to classical workshop papers with a scientific contribution in theory, reflection, application, evaluation, design, or implementation. Page length will be limited to 4 pages. Contributions can include:

Activities include

As part of the call, we will provide a template to report and explain an activity. Activities should be in PDF format and will be published in this format on the workshop website. This template will be subject to discussion by the workshop participants during the workshop.

Materials include new teaching material that supports teaching in general and which is ready for application

A material submission should not exceed 2 pages text plus appendix and supplementary material (e.g., graphics, videos, websites). The 2 pages should describe context, design decisions, associated or possible activities, and reflections or evaluations from their application. The actual material is to be included as supplementary material and can be presented as poster at the workshop.

Any submission—research, activity, or material—will be peer-reviewed, providing constructive feedback for the camera-ready version. All submissions will be published on and linked from our website. On submission, authors have to choose whether their a successful submission should be made archival or should only be available on the workshop website.


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